Custom Fit Program

In order to enjoy the features of the bike, it is not only important that the technical components function, it is also essential that the correct seating position is set. This is not only important with regard to the the frame size, but it is also critical that the correct settings of the link and the saddle are made. These settings determine the seating comfort, influence the attitude of the rider and therefore also the riders efficiency. Seat discomfort, back pain, knee pain, and numbness in the hands are often due to bad posture.  The seating position should not be determined on the basis of rules of thumb, but be established professionally.

What is Custom Fit?

– We offer you the opportunity to purchase

a frame that is manufactured specifically

for the rider.

–  With the necessary information, it is

possible to customise the frame

geometry .

– We do not just pay attention to frame

geometry , but we also customize special

expectations and demands of all our

customers. Examples like Hydroforming

with a rear Monobox, for a person with a

body weight of 100kg.