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What a great week!
Our entire Gravelbike.cc team rode in the fantastic town of Limbourg in Wallonia 🇧🇪 . From there, we took the Pearl bikes to the Eifel and Hohes Venn. A true gravel paradise with countless gravel tracks through fantastic landscapes.
The grand finale was the Trek Gravel UCI Race 3rides in Aachen on Sunday. The course felt really flowy at the Recon. During the race, the 43 kilometres had to be ridden three times and nothing felt flowy anymore. A very demanding and tough course, peppered with 1,400 metres of elevation gain. It was great fun and we will be back next year. Now we have to keep training hard and optimise our equipment. One or two of us still need to qualify for the World Championships in Belgium. Next stop UCI Gravel Challenge Blaavands Huk


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