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Welcome to the service area of the Pearl-Cycles website

If you found your way here you are hopefully already a happy owner of one of our bikes. We really give everything to assemble and ship our wheels almost perfectly. Nevertheless, in addition to a lot of love, our wheels also need affection and care. We also hope that your most important questions are already answered here. If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to contact us at kontakt@pearl-cycles.com .

That’s why you’ll find everything you need to know here: bike details, payment, ordering, shipping and privacy.

Bike details

  • Care
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Frame size
  • Colour


  • Order
  • Ordering history
  • Return
  • Warranty


  • Payment
  • Prices
  • Funding


  • Shipping
  • Shipping period
  • “Ready to Ride”
  • Structure

Privacy & Security

  • Security
  • Data privacy

But the most important thing first!

Since we have recently increased problems with disc brakes that start to squeak loudly after a few kilometers we ask you to watch this video from SRAM Tech. …

Play Video

SRAM Tech - Running in the brakes

If you bought a bike with SRAM AXS or SHIMANO E BIKE

Shimano E Tube download



Regular cleaning:

  • 1x every 2 weeks / frequent drivers: 1x/week
  • uses warm water and Muc Off (or similar)
  • Keep chain especially clean -> slows down wear and tear
  • After that chain little oiling

It is important to clean your bike regularly and properly. This delays wear and improves handling. The brakes, chain, cassette and bottom bracket are considered to be particularly stressed parts.

To give an exact time limit is impossible due to the different influences (weather, air and load).

However, our wheels should be cleaned not only every six months;) It is recommended every two weeks after use to scrub the wheel clean with warm water and a special detergent such as Muc Off. For frequent drivers applies once a week. Pay particular attention to the chain and do not use too much oil afterwards, because dirt can stick here again.

With gravel bikes, there is one particular thing to consider and check. After some time, it is quite possible that sand is caught in the frame. In order not to always have to carry this ballast, we ask you about every two months to clear the sand in six steps.

  1. Using a wheel stand, turn your bike upside down so you can see the top plate.

2. remove the two screws

3. remove the hood plate

4. turn your wheel back to the wheels

5. let the sand trickle out

6. turn your wheel back upside down and mount the plate with the help of the screws

Feel free to check out the videos below as well.

Clean chain

with Muc-Offwith GCN

Lube your chain properly

with Muc-Offwith GCN

Tubeless milk refill

with GCN

Tubeless rim tape change

with GCN


Perform regular maintenance yourself:

  • every month min. 1x / frequent driver: min. 3x/month
  • Is the tire pressure correct?
  • Do the brakes work well?
  • Are the thru axles fixed?
  • Is the headset seated without a gap?
  • Is something grinding?

Bring wheel for inspection:

  • every year min. 2x / frequent drivers: min. 2x/year + 1x complete inspection


  • Inner bearing intact?
  • Thread well greased?
  • Tax rate fixed?
  • Chain too long?
  • Cassette worn out?
  • Coats cracked?
  • Hydraulic oil enough?

It is important to know that everything on a wheel is a wear part. Since everything is also exposed to the stresses, weather and interaction between each other. Thus, it is important to clean his bike regularly and properly. This delays wear and improves driving behavior. The brakes, chain, cassette and the bottom bracket are considered to be particularly stressed parts.

To give an exact time limit is impossible due to the various influences, such as weather, air, load, of the individual locations. However, we at Pearl recommend at least 2x per year to bring the wheel for inspection. Here, an additional annual complete inspection applies for frequent drivers.

However, our wheels should be cleaned not only every six months;) It is recommended every two weeks after use to scrub the wheel clean with warm water and a special detergent such as Muc Off. For frequent drivers applies once a week. Pay particular attention to the chain and do not use too much oil afterwards, because dirt can stick here again.

It is necessary to check at regular intervals whether the tire pressure specified on the jackets is correct. The thru axles continue to sit well and whether the headset is firmly connected to the fork without play.


If you know exactly which spare part you need, you can order it via the link below. If it is unclear which part you need, write us via: Kontakt@pearl-cycles.com


Please indicate your height and stride length when ordering. From this we calculate the correct frame size and can accurately determine the seating position. Your Pearl will then be delivered in a “Ready to Ride” box. The saddle height and seat position is precisely adjusted. You only need to attach the handlebars and mount the pedals. You’re ready to go!

However, if you want to be present live at the measurement, then come to us and get a professional bike fitting. After that you can ride home with your perfectly adjusted bike.



Standard colors

  • Matte Black
  • Anthracite
  • “Stone Grey”
  • Slate gray
  • Dark blue
  • Deep blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • “Traffic Blue”
  • Pastel mint
  • Mint Turquoise
  • “Candy Blue”
  • “Purple Fire”
  • Bordeux
  • “Candy Red”
  • Coral red
  • “Honey Candy”
  • Electric orange
  • Mocha
  • Willow Green
  • Reed Green
  • Jungle Green
  • Pure white
  • Matte White

Precious metal colors

  • Gold
  • Matt gold
  • Copper
  • Sterling silver
  • Mystic silver

Extravagant colors

  • Black Candy
  • Black Fire Candy
  • Candy Blue Red


  1. Black – Grey – White
  2. Blue – Grey – White
  3. Light blue – Light green – Dark green



  • EASY and SAFE online ordering
  • Confirmation after purchase: Before we deliver we go through the order together with you in a personal consultation
  • NO SURPRISES! Prices include all duties and taxes – NO hidden costs
  • 10 YEARS limited warranty on all Pearl Cycles frames and forks.
  • 30 DAYS return policy WITHOUT GIVING REASONS

Buying Pearl Cycles bikes is straightforward, convenient and safe. Simply go to the appropriate product page, select the color and frame size you want, add the items to your cart, and complete your purchase with secure payment process. You do not need to register with Pearl Cycles, but we still recommend that you create a customer account. It is quite simple and gives you the opportunity to manage your orders more securely and efficiently. We are well aware that you provide us with personal data for this purpose and take this responsibility very seriously! For more information about our privacy policy, please see Privacy Policy. We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also use PayPal – either through your existing account or as a guest. In addition, you can also pay by classic bank transfer.


Once you have agreed with us all the possible options, the order is made in 7 steps.

  1. You pay your new bike to
  2. We order the frame
  3. We order the remaining components
  4. Your frame will be painted and sent to us
  5. Components are installed in frames
  6. All functional tests and a final test drive take place
  7. We ship it / You may pick it up


If for any reason your bike does not meet your expectations after you receive it, simply return it. All you have to do is send us a message via the contact form within 7 working days. Once you have filled out the return form that we will send you by email, we will assign a courier service to pick up the bike at your doorstep.


Our 10 YEAR limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and 2 YEAR limited paint warranty applies to all Pearl Cycles frames and forks. Warranties are limited to the original purchaser and are effective from the date of purchase. Since all of our bikes are fully assembled and inspected before shipping, they are ready to ride right out of the box. However, we recommend that you give your bike a quick check before your first ride. Gearshift and brakes may need to be readjusted, as cables stretch after some time and components can settle. However, a knowledgeable person can easily make these settings themselves at home using the manufacturer’s enclosed operating instructions.



You are welcome to pay for your purchases using the following payment methods.

  • Cash on site
  • EC card
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer


No surprises! Prices include sales tax, import duties, any customs fees… just about everything. So you won’t have to make any extra payments when you pick up your new bike at the front door. We sell our products directly to you personally, without the involvement of wholesalers or retailers, so we can be completely transparent in our pricing. If you want to know how much a bike costs in any of the 32 countries we ship to, you can see all the prices here on our website.


The first 30 days are always interest-free – after that we charge nominal interest of only 3.99% (p.a.). Your customers can independently define a term between 6 and 60 months. Financing request and conclusion are fully digitized and designed to be simple for your customers: The credit check at FINANCE A BIKE does not require any proof of salary or employment, which means we can achieve a financing commitment within a few seconds.



We know how valuable your new acquisition is. Because we have put many years into its development! For this reason, we have partnered with DHL Express for worldwide delivery of our products. This also gives you the opportunity to track the entire shipping route of your order – from our specialized workshop to your doorstep – in real time. To give you peace of mind while you wait for your shipment, we use special shipping packaging so your Pearl Cycles bike arrives in pristine condition and ready to race. All you have to do is attach the handlebars and front wheel, adjust the saddle height, and you’re ready to go.


From the order of the parts and the frame to your doorstep, the shipping time is, on average, up to … Weeks.


This shipping box will allow us to pack your bike so compact and secure to be able to send it quickly worldwide, but you only need to mount the handlebars, adjust the saddle and screw on the pedals. You can already ride your new bike! The box is specially designed for shipping wheels. Thus, it represents the perfect solution.


If you pick up your bike on site at our store, you do not have to adjust anything, because we hand over the bike already adjusted and fully assembled.

Should you get it from us sent you only have to adjust the handlebars and saddle properly and mount the pedals.



Pearl Cycles takes the protection of your personal and account information very seriously. We do not share your email address or send you emails on our behalf or on behalf of other companies without your consent. You can access your account at any time and change any information you have with Pearl Cycles. We keep to a minimum the information you must enter in the payment area of the Pearl Cycles website prior to checkout. The information you are required to enter during checkout is only information that is required to purchase Pearl Cycles products. When transmitting this data from your browser to our protected server, we use encryption technology for maximum confidentiality. It is important that you protect passwords to our website from unauthorized access and we recommend that you do not send sensitive financial information through a shared or public computer.


We have put in place adequate security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of the information you provide to us so that you can feel completely comfortable and secure with your purchase. To protect your transaction data during transmission, all data entered is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). If you see a key or a closed padlock at the bottom of your browser, the corresponding page is protected.